Friday, 15 August 2014

July Favourites!

Is it really that time again? Here are my faves from July!

Sleek Contouring Kit
Teddies need to contour too, you know.

I bought this in light, because I'm so pale... (It's genuinely becoming a catchphrase now...)

It's a fantastic product. Admittedly, I've not really used the bronzer section of this kit, just using the highlighter instead at the moment. I really like it, but I only use it on days where I need a little more sparkle.

The highlighter is sparkly, obviously... The bronzer is a matte one. I'm opting for a shimmery Natural Collection £1.99 bronzer instead at the moment. (Which has lasted absolutely ages and it does seem like it might well outlive me at this point...)

At £6.49 it's a really great value version of contouring kits made by other (much more expensive) brands.

Inecto Coconut Glossing Spray

I LOVE this! I'm not sure if it's readily available. I've been buying it every now and again from Bodycare. It smells amazing. Really coconut-ty. (Obviously.)

I also love this because it makes my hair really shiny. If I'm having a bad hair day, a spritz of this before blow-drying seems to help me to look a little bit less disheveled than usual.

I'd definitely recommend this to people who suffer from the dreaded frizz!

Bourjois Little Round Pot - Shade 54
This is after months of use and there's still loads left!
I've had this for absolutely ages, probably to the point where it's not even hygienic any more? Months. Anyway, I adore this. It's probably my favourite eyeshadow and shade at the moment . I'm really not the most experimental of people when it comes to eyeshadows. (Too dark and my eyes look to small, too light and they just look weird... So I'm picky.)

It's shimmery, but not too much. It's perfect for day and night wear.

The pot has a little mirror and also a little applicator that bends over the mound of product. It closes with a magnet as well, so it ensures that it won't open by accident in your make-up bag, break into a powder and then go everywhere...

Bourjois offer loads of different shades and this product retails at £6.99.

 Palmer's Coco Butter Lip Balm
No, I couldn't be bothered to take it out of the packaging.
This is lovely. I don't know about you, but my lips often dry out quite quickly when the weather's really hot or really cold. I always keep one of these in my coat pocket in the winter and often carry another in my handbag too. They're super moisturising and it tastes amazing! Quite like coconut/chocolate and that's only got to be a good thing, hasn't it?

At £1.89 it's not pricey and they're easily picked up in Boots or other 'drugstores'.

Boots DermaCare Daily Moisturising Lotion
Teddies need moisturising too.

This one's really only for those who suffer from the dreaded dry skin or eczema, like me. It's wonderful. A bottle will easily last me a fortnight or so.

There are different types of this that you can buy which are priced slightly differently. They're coloured-coded though, which helps! Yellow is cheaper than green... About a pound cheaper. It is more watery, but it's much cheaper, so bear that in mind.

The one pictured (green one) currently retails at £3.89, which is why I prefer the yellow one at £2.59.

It's a really well-hidden product. Boots seem to hide their own brand products (which are often really good) on bottom shelves.

Thanks for reading!
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