Tuesday, 19 August 2014

All Time Favourites!

Ooooh. How exciting is this? Not very, you could argue... But please don't. I'm going to take you through my top five all time favourite products! Surely you're at least a little excited now...?

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Yes. Surprise surprise. Ha. I know absolutely EVERYBODY talks about this and adores it, so I won't go into great detail. Suffice to say, I've been using this for years and it's seriously the best concealer I can get my hands on (that isn't too orange) in high street stores.

I buy the lightest shade which is 1 Fair. I mainly use it to conceal the dark circles under my eyes, and I'll let you into a secret: The older I get, the more of this I seem to get through. It's quite depressing really.

This miracle product retails for £4.19, but Boots have it on offer every now and again. The fact that it's quite often out of stock is a testament to how good this is (and how much everybody already knows about it...)

It also covers up spots wonderfully and seems to last pretty much all day. I don't know where I'd be without it.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
I'm getting better at balancing mascara, aren't I?
I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that this is my favourite EVER mascara. Again, I've been using this for years. Since I was about 17/18 and I'm still using it now at 23. (Yeah, I'm old, I know...)

I know it's not to everyone's taste, but I love this mascara. It gives my eyelashes a dramatic lift and volume to make my eyes noticeable, without making them look too 'spidery'. I normally use Black/Brown because I have blue eyes and I don't want to emphasise them too much for daytime wear. However, the Black is great too.

Granted, at £10.99, it's quite expensive for a high street mascara. However, I'll also let you into another secret, Fragrance Direct are selling it for £7.99... You can thank me later...

Max Factor also offer waterproof and 24 hour versions* of this mascara, but I still tend to opt for the bog-standard one.
*Who's wearing mascara for 24 hours in one go anyway?

Vitapointe Leave-In Conditioner

I really need to buy some more, don't I?
I'm not sure that many people will have heard of this. It's a bit of a hidden gem; tucked away on bottom shelves in Boots.
It costs £2.09 or £2.29, depending on where you shop. You can use this during the day, but I prefer to use it at night as a 'hair mask'. It's a white cream that smells quite 'soapy' to me and it just makes your hair look a lot healthier whilst making it feel softer too.
If you suffer from frizzy hair, this is such a great product to tame it with! It's so understated, but it's honestly a brilliant product and it won't break the bank either!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Body Lotion
Yellow, gooey bliss in a bottle.
I adore this. It's more of a treat for me, because my daily body lotion is a Boots £1.49 one, on account of me being a cheapskate.
It's bright yellow, super-nourishing and smells gorgeous; quite chocolatey.  As someone who's quite picky when it comes to body lotion, I'm always after a good all-round product and this is probably my favourite 'cheaper' one. One problem is that it's quite difficult to get out of the bottle towards the end, because it's just so gloopy.
It's also supposed to be quite good at reducing the appearance of stretch marks and it's much cheaper than other alternatives which boast about having mark-reducing qualities.

The price normally ranges from about £4-£6, depending on what size bottle you buy.

Anatomicals Body Washes
Sud the Lot of You...
I'm a huge fan of Anatomicals. With their tagline: 'We only want you for your body', they're a comical brand who don't really take themselves too seriously. 
I have a bit of an obsession with their body washes, which I use every day. I've built up quite a collection of them over the past year or so, from 'Sud the Lot of You' and 'You Should Be So Mucky (Mucky, Mucky, Mucky)' to 'Shower to the People'.
They put a great deal of effort in to ensure that the names are funny and the packaging is littered with jokes too. All of the body washes that I've tried smell amazing and they also lather up really well too.

A little goes a long way and a bottle costs between £2 and £3. You can buy them from ASOS, Superdrug and selected Morrisons stores, I believe.

Have you tried any of the above products? Do you love them as much as I do?

Thanks for reading!
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