Monday, 30 June 2014

HEATWAVE - Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation

It's been really quite warm* recently and my skin's beginning to suffer. (*for England...)

I don't know if I'm alone in this, but when the weather heats up a bit, my skin seems to get oilier? This means that if I continue to use more moisturising, heavier, liquid foundations I just break out in spots. Half the time I opt for going without foundation or even tinted moisturiser - Just enough moisturiser to help out the dry patches of skin and then a bit of concealer on top of any blemishes.

I've opted for the past few days to use a mineral foundation. The one I've chosen to use (as you've probably guessed) is Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation. I bought this product towards the end of last summer and found that, during winter, my skin was a little too dry and delicate... and I wasn't daring enough to use powder when my skin was in such a dry state.

I find that warmer weather, however, is perfect for the mineral foundation.

Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation in the old packaging

This foundation is SPF 15. The coverage is build-able. There are an array of different shades (including ones for ridiculously pale people, like me...), and you can even order really cheap tester pots from their website to find out which shade suits you best before you commit to splashing out on a full sized pot.

One reason that I turned to this foundation in the first place was because it's non-comedogenic (i.e. it doesn't block pores and then cause spots) which is a huge bonus. I've been using this foundation in the lightest shade 'Porcelain', which Lily Lolo describe as: 'Very pale, neutral with balanced undertones'.

Lily Lolo Foundation in Porcelain 

It does cost £13.49; but the pot that I have seems to have lasted ages. I've used it quite a few times over the past few months and I'm still not ready for a new one.

I did find the prospect of applying mineral foundation quite daunting after years of using liquid foundation; but once you've done it a couple of times, it's really easy. 

H&M's £2.99 Mini Kabuki Brush
I've been using Collection Lasting Perfection concealer on any blemishes and then just buffing this powder over the top with my H&M mini Kabuki brush (Pictured above - which only cost £2.99!) You do have to make sure that you really work the brush into the powder and then tap any excess off; or else you look a bit too powdery. Lily Lolo also offer finishing powders and a range of other products too!

I find that this, with the concealer underneath, gives me light to medium coverage. It does make my skin look good though; providing that I make sure I exfoliate and use a good moisturiser. (I've been using L'oreal Triple Active Day Cream for Dry and Sensitive skin - To ensure that it definitely won't dry my skin out).

They're also vegan friendly and have active antibacterial ingredients - Another reason why this foundation is great for preventing spotty skin!

This foundation seems to leave my skin looking really lovely; not too matte, but not really shiny either. I'm very impressed.

  • Build-able coverage,
  • Huge range of different shades,
  • Non-Comedogenic,
  • Anti-bacterial and vegan friendly.
  • £13.49 is relatively expensive for some people,
  • Probably not ideal for dryer skin,
  • Lighter coverage,
  • Not available in shops - You can only buy this product over the Internet.

You can buy Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation here.

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water

Another product which I recommend for this weather is La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water. It's so cooling when you spray it on your face! It costs £4 from Boots; but it's so worth it. I am trying to save it, so only use it for those moments when my skin feels really flushed.
This product also doubles up as a great setting spray; especially with the Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation!

Thanks for reading!
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